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Mom and Ruth at Palmyra Temple 2014 cutoutReading, studying, and pondering God’s word has always been a passion of mine.  My family would groan when it was my turn to give the weekly lesson on the scriptures (my family had one night set aside each week to be with each other, studying the scriptures, and do fun, family activities) because I came well prepared and expected them to pay close attention to every detail of everything I had learned and was presenting!  I still remember getting a bit annoyed with some of my siblings who were not being very obedient by getting on our ark like I was telling them they were supposed to!

I firmly believe in William Tyndale’s statement about the scriptures:

The nature of God’s word is, that whosoever read it,…it will begin immediately to make him every day better and better, till he be grown into a perfect man.

My love of God and the scriptures led me to serve as a missionary for my church.  I spent a year and a half in Germany and Austria teaching people about Christ and serving them.  I came home and graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Utah, but my passion lay in teaching so I decided to become a high school teacher.  I was blessed to be a full-time seminary teacher for my church and teach religion classes to high school students. I loved every minute of it and I loved watching my students fall in love with the scriptures and realize the great things God is doing for THEM in their own lives.  They realized these stories in the scriptures weren’t just stories, but that they taught life changing principles that could help them right now in their own lives.

I started this blog to make sure all of these life changing principles that my students and I discovered together don’t get lost.  I want to share my love of the scriptures and the power they have to transform people’s lives.  My deepest desire is to bring people closer to Christ.

Some of these posts will be written in essay format and some will be more like lesson outlines – more like something you could print off and take to a classroom to teach from.  Many of the ideas I share are a compilation of things I have learned from other seminary teachers and I apologize for any credit that I do not give to individuals that certainly deserve it.

The rest of my story:  I met the love of my life and got married.  I kept teaching until our first son was born.  Now I’m a stay at home mom with three beautiful children (two boys and a little girl!).  I enjoy running, playing piano or violin, writing, camping, spending time with my family, and serving in my church and community.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Liza I love that you are doing this. You are such a great teacher. I tell everyone about this blog and tell them to read just one of your posts and that they will then be quickly reading all the rest because they are so insightful and inspiring. I’ve read all your posts and love them all….but that one with the story of the donkey is just priceless. One story at a time…pretty soon you’ll have a book. Love you.


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